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Let's face it ... just about everyone loves a great tasting snack - and we are no exception!  For over 25 years, our Product Experts have been developing an exclusive collection of high protein, low sodium, low fat snacks and desserts that taste just as good (maybe better) than the unhealthier kind. 

Our Healthy Snacking Lineup includes delicious new flavors and items such as  High Protein desserts, Protein Jello, Puddings,Cappuccino and more!  If salty and crunchy is your thing, try our protein crisps - one of our all-time top selling items. 

Our Healthy Snacks generally contain at least 15G of Protein per serving, and are popular with athletes, fitness professionals, as well as dieters seeking great tasting and higher quality healthy snacks.  

We Guarantee our product taste and quality with the BalanceDiet Satisfaction Guarantee... trust us, this is not your typical tasting store-bought protein snack!

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Mocha Wafer Protein Cookies

Indulge in this delicious crunchy snack

Chocolate Crisp Protein Bar

Chocolate Lovers Favorite

Nutty Caramel Crunch

Dessert-like Protein Bar

Salted Toffee Pretzel

Low Carb Protein Bar

Vanilla Crisp

Low Carb Protein Bar

Zesty Lemon Protein Bar

Delicious and Crunchy