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Drinking plenty of clear fluids throughout the day (hydration) is one of the most essential components of maintaining good health and a ideal metabolism. Nearly 75% of all Americans do not achieve the necessary amount of water intake.  Our BalanceDiet Hydration Collection was designed to help promote fat loss, detoxification, increased natural energy, skin glow, and immune strength simply by increasing your daily water intake in a fun and stylish way. 

We offer a collection of well-designed "hydration tools" which are fun and easy to use at home, at work, or on the go - ensuring that a refreshing drink is always near, and allowing you to measure your daily water intake, as well as enjoy the benefits of fruit and herb infused water if you wish. 

Don't forget to check out our delicious protein juices to go along with your water bottle or infuser!  As convenient to carry as Crystal Light packets, but with great natural coloring and flavors, low sugar, and 15G protein per serving!

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Tumbler by BalanceDiet

16oz Double Insulated with Straw