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For over 25 years, BalanceDiet™ has been in the business of transformations.  This collection is designed as a great and easy first step towards transforming your body.  Combine our waist shapers with weight loss supplements, motivational coaching, and hydration tools to help you accelerate your metabolism and slimming effect.   Next, swap your favorite snacks for our healthy, protein snacks (typically with fewer than 1/2 the calories and 200% more protein), and then share your success with us!

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30 Day Detox Kit Plus

Includes Premium Screw Top Water Bottle

30 Day Jumpstart

Daily Cleanse and Nutrition Multi-Pack + Fat Burner +Probiotics

30 Day Detox Kit

Shed extra weight and kickstart your metabolism

Ultimate Reshape Kit

Ideal for a beginner or athlete looking to make significant progress on reshaping their midsection

BalanceDiet Disposable Waist Trimmer

Uses compression technology to immediately tighten your midsection!