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For over 25 Years, The BalanceDiet Company programs and products have helped thousands and thousands of customers transform their bodies, health, and lives.  With a long-standing experience across the United States weight loss industry, BalanceDiet™ has evolved in to a total wellness + lifestyle experience - A Celebration of Food and Healthy Living! 

We invite you to explore our growing collection of products, including clinical grade multi-vitamins, exclusive weight loss products, innovative advances such as our Genetic Test for Weight Loss, and newer categories such as our Bodywear, Waist Shapes, Slimming Cremes, and Aromatherapy ...  our team of wellness experts curate top-quality healthy products designed to help you live a better life!


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Peach Mango Protein Juice

High in energy boosting protein

Blue Raspberry Protein Juice

Highly Absorbent Liquid Protein

Hot Cappuccino Protein Drink

An extra energy boost with 15 grams of protein

Hot Chocolate Protein Drink

Tasty chocolate flavor with 15 grams of protein

Cream of Mushroom Protein Soup

Hearty mushroom flavor with 15 grams of protein

Chicken Noodle Protein Soup

A healthy and easy lunch or dinner

Cream of Chicken Protein Soup

A delicious option for a light meal and real treat on cold days.

Cream of Broccoli Cheddar Protein Soup

15 grams of protein and over a third of your daily calcium needs

Tumbler by BalanceDiet

16oz Double Insulated with Straw

Zesty Lemon Protein Bar

Delicious and Crunchy

Salted Toffee Pretzel

Low Carb Protein Bar